About Get Featured Media:

We help Startups, Influencers & Entrepreneurs get featured in top-tier publications through our PR Services.

As ships cannot navigate without a rudder, the startups and entrepreneurs too cannot make their presence felt under the current regime of cut-throat competitions.

It is here where the international hybrid PR agency,  Get Featured Media comes in with its customized services.

As to the question of what makes us different from others, we simply can answer this in six words: We unlock the door to media publicity. To help you understand it in its real perspective, let us explain ourselves.

Blending consumer insights with opinions and facts and figures, we create media matters that are newsworthy. The media pitches are crafted in such a way that they grab the reader’s attention about you. Naturally, you figure in the media thus adding value to your existing portfolio of news coverage.

The team of PR-professionals and content developers of Get Featured Media are experts in media outreach and creating engaging content. Naturally, startups and entrepreneurs can sail smoothly in the ocean of media publicity with us acting as the rudder.

As a Hybrid PR agency operating at the heart of the digital economy, we help our clients to get positioned in global media thus widening their identity which, in turn, creates excellent business goodwill.

The key to our being trusted by a large number of clients emanates from the fact that we act in systematic ways first starting to understand the clients’ needs that ultimately leads them to their goals.

This is done by identifying opportunities, and addressing challenges if any. Then we use our media outreach skills and select the right channels and create the right news stories. Our corporate ethics, passion, commitment, and intelligence have helped us over the 6-years to grow to achieve an enviable space in the PR and content marketing industry.

We’re a growing agency that prides itself on delivering PR with Passion / Commitment / Intelligence

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Our team targets the right Publication and deliver results. We do this by pitching that earns attention, drafting, and distributing stories that get heard, all under one roof.

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Media Outreach Expert

Whether you are a startup or entrepreneur, you need to be flashed in media to carve out spaces for your popularity. This helps to boost the business, the image of the brand, and building a cult around a person. Getting focused on the media, however, is not easy. We have a proven track record in it. For this, we move scientifically with a pragmatic step-wise approach short-listing the target media that suits to nature of business or activities our clientele are engaged in and creating a well-drafted story for them.

Expert Profiling

An entrepreneur or startup requires profiling in their right perspective to be acceptable to the media. It requires an exact introduction, newsy matter, expert explanations on subjects for authored articles, and interesting writing styles to evoke the interest of readers for interviews. Our expert profiling helps clients emerge as a business think tank. The articles are written by our expert writers bearing the byline of the corporate entity. Since the whole thing has to be tailored from the reader’s perspective, it is not an easy job. But we have the expertise and ability to make it simple for our clientele.

Pitch Development

Pitching is the crux of bringing a brand, company, or person to a media basket comprising prominent top tier publications and media outlets. Depending upon the nature of the startup and entrepreneurs, we create pitches that are given to contributors and individual editors. Upon receiving their feedback, we craft the draft of stories that they want world to read about them. This is not everybody’s cup of tea as it requires expertise, editorial knowledge, and very good rapport with publication network.

Suggesting Right Strategy

Media publicity needs a very strong strategy and the strong strategy, in turn, requires a deep understanding of the requirements of top-line publications. Since we are interacting with the media for long, we know what they want. Naturally, it is just a cake-walk for us to formulate the right strategy for our clients. Often, we make strategies for our clients after getting to know media-requirements. This strategy, then, is shared with our clients. We make special media strategies for startup ventures, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

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Traditional PR doesn't work anymore. Sharing a successful story worldwide is a new PR Strategy.