Forbes Council is an invitation-only organization for successful executives and entrepreneurs. In short, it is an Invitation-only community for senior-level business professionals, created in partnership with Due to Strict application review and pre-requirement conditions, everyone does not make it out to the Forbes Council. That is why it is privileged to be part of the Forbes Council which offers a lot of benefits to its members including the right to submit the editorial post in




1. Access to submit an article on

Being a member of the Forbes Council, you become a Forbes council contributor. This gives the privilege to submit one article in a month to which is subject to Editorial review. You will also be issued a dashboard access account to share your expertise, from the perspective of your company’s activities, with blog posts of your own. Whether you’re writing full articles or short, industry-specific tips, our dedicated concierge and editorial teams will guide you through the publishing process. 

2. Profile Page on that ranks on Search Engine

Being a member of Forbes Council, you get your executive profile page on This custom page ranks high in the search result for your name and includes company bios, areas of expertise and skills, and links to your social profile and website so visitors can connect with you directly. This helps to boost the SEO presence of your name in search engines and adds to your credibility.

3. Branding and Marketing Collateral

After you join, our concierge team will provide web badges, decals, press release templates, and blog posts that you can use to share your affiliation with the community at your location, on social media, and in your newsletters and websites. You can use these materials to build credibility with potential customers, hires, partners and investors.

4. Members-only Dashboard Login

You get dashboard login, Members-only web and mobile dashboards that help you stay connected to the community and our team. Request introductions to fellow members and enjoy on-demand access to your member benefits anytime, anywhere. You can even live chat with a member concierge right from the dashboard.


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Visit the Official Forbes Council Page to know about the membership



There are certain requirements in order to qualify to become a Forbes council member. Some of the requirements include – you have to senior-level executive at a company and generate a minimum of $5M USD in revenue or have a minimum of $5M USD in financing.  Even if the requirement listed above is fulfilled still the membership approval is not guaranteed because they have an exclusive limited member acceptance policy and strict application review process.

And this is where we come into the picture as we have experience in presenting you and your company to our network internal membership-selection committee.


  1. Start by introducing you and your company to the right council, based on your category.
  2. Commence background profiling necessary for consideration.
  3. Obtain the prestigious invitation to join the writers’ council after attending fully to all application forms and referral details
  4. Commence your profile’s career with a properly written article – that positively highlights your personal knowledge and brand – to your specification.


It will take 5 -6 working days for us to do the profiling and for the process to complete. Contact us for the Pricing Details.

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Frequently Asked Questions about

Forbes Council

You need to be of Founder, CEO, Business Owner, or of CXO levels with real Business.

Once opted for our service. We will share a list of questionnaires for you to answer. That information will be used by our Team to process the applications.

We review your Profile before we take your profile to process. Once we take your application we guarantee the acceptance of your profile in Forbes Council.

Please expect the Call from Forbes Council Committee for 1 and 1 conversation to seek information about you. They will review the profile and may ask some questions related to your work, Business, or general questions which is very easy and natural to answer.

At this moment, they are allowing 1 article in a Month from Forbes Council Members.

The total inclusive taxes comes to $1999. You have to directly pay this to Forbes.  They will guide you in this once your profile is approved.

Yes!! Your approved membership allows you to use the official badge in your Branding and Profiling.

Yes. You are correct. However, applying to Forbes Council does not guarantee your approval. They are selective in their members and everyone is not the right fit for them. With our network and experience, we make sure that you are accepted into the council. Basically, you are paying for our PR Service Fee. If still, you feel that you can do without us. You are still free to apply on your own.

Unfortunately, we do not provide the reference of our clients who got accepted in Forbes Council as we believe the privacy of the service. In the same way, we won’t disclose your profile also to other buyers.  But we can provide you the sample profiles to understand how it looks once approved.

The Membership comes with one-year Validity. If not renewed then it’s subject to cancellation or suspension. Also if you do not abide by their terms and services, you are still subject to termination of profile.

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