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It does not matter what you are trying to do, getting your product listed, or getting increased brand value, media coverage is the best way to go there. Having said that, let me mention, getting media coverage is not easy. This takes hard work and effort. At least when I was trying to get my blogging business featured in the top publication, I had to work hard to get there.

For the desired mention in the publication, you need to have a plan. If you go strategically, you would surely get yourself mentioned in the publication. I had to follow a strategy as well.

I made a grave mistake when I was trying to get my business featured in the top publications. I forgot that online magazines like Forbes or Entrepreneur don’t have time for a business that does not have brand value. I also forgot that even though my business excites me, it might not excite anyone else.

After the initial rejections, I finally sat down and pondered the situation. I looked at myself from the eyes of the third person. I saw that I did not have anything. No celebrity mascot, no giant client to speak for and of course no brand value. I only had one thing going for me and sold that off. I had my passion. I had my story too. When nothing else worked I combined these two and sold them. I told my story passionately and did the job.

I believe you also have a story to tell. Make sure to get it out right. Make sure to tell your story with as much passion as you can master up. People will notice you; media too will not be able to walk away from passion.

A roadmap with a goal is important when you are about the trudge into the unknown. No here you might be lucky enough to have omens placed by God. But, here you would surely find footprints of others who have done it before you. When I was being unable to get my business featured in the magazine, I kept telling myself that someone has done it means it can be done. Yes, it can be done. It might be difficult but it is not impossible.

Therefore, be patient and chalk out a goal. Make sure to have a goal which can be considered as realistic. Gaining worldwide fame might be the dream, but, right now that cannot be your goal. Instead, opt for increased brand value. Set the goal and proceed accordingly.

Start a making connection in the media if you really want to have media coverage. This will help you get closer to your destination. As you start making media connections, your chance of getting media coverage would increase. Also you need to have a pitch prepared. This will come handy when you finally face the music, meaning when you finally sit with the media people and tell them why your business matters. The pitch will help you stick to the topic.