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Media attention can do wonder for a startup business. This much I can tell you. No other platform would give you as much exposure as media coverage. However, it is difficult to hold the attention of a reporter for more than 10 seconds.

What stands between you and media coverage, you might be wondering. Well, I can list a few obstacles for you. These obstacles I did not notice when I was going crazily after media and trying to get them cover my blogging business. The first thing which makes the matter complicated is a lack of brand value. Face it, folks, people are drawn to brands. They are newsworthy and media chase the brands. So, would you have to wait until you become a brand? Not really, you just have to be a little wise and strategic when dealing with media.

You would have to give it some effort to get media coverage without brand value. This would be beneficial for your business too. There are several advantages of getting media coverage. If you can get your business featured by media, you would be able to attract the investors.

So, here is the question with which this article has started – how get Media Coverage?

First, you need to write a killer press release. If you don’t know how to write one, I might put together some pointers and sum up another article on the press release. But, let this one focus on the media coverage only.

So, submitting a press release is the fastest way of getting media to notice you. However, the catch here is covering an event that the media would consider newsworthy. When I was on the verge of helping my blogging business, I covered the launch itself as the most happening event of my life. I guess my passion for the blogging business and the enthusiasm got media to notice me.

There is another way of getting media coverage – it is by going through someone who works for online media. Although I have several friends in online media and publications, I could never make them feature my startup. However, just because it did not work for me, does not mean it would work for you. Remember that at this stage everything is worth a try.

The easiest way of getting media coverage is to get involved in events that get media attention. Such events work wonder in getting people to notice you. If you can get involved in multiple events that got covered by media, you are already halfway through to the media coverage for your startup.

You can use social media as well. This is the platform that can get you easy fame. Use content marketing as a tool for promoting yourself. Once you become a name on social media, it would be easy for you to attract the attention of online magazines.